Vol IX N 6
McDonald, George; Ohio State Sun Dial; Arizona Kittykat; Dartmouth jack O'Lantern; Sour Owl; Brown Jug; Illinois Siren; Kitty-Kat; Wabash Caveman; Anonymous; Smrcina, Orville; Kline, I.D.; Smith, Reed; Jester; Whirlwind; Lord Jeff; Sniper; Purple Parrot; Minnesota Ski-U-Mah; Siren; Mink; Center Colonel; Sun Dial; Eugenia, Bibby; Satyr; California Pelican; Western Reserve Red Cat; Texas Ranger; Sniper; Kitty-Kat
The Courier Company
http://hdl.handle.net/2374.DEN/2099; http://hdl.handle.net/2374
McDonald, George. Cover. Picture. 0; Ohio State Sun Dial. Untitled. Prose. 1.; Arizona Kittykat. Untitled. Prose. 1.; Sour Owl. Untitled. Prose. 3.; Dartmouth Jack O'Lantern. Untitled. Prose. 2.; Brown Jug. Untitled. Prose. 3.; Illinois Siren. Untitled. Prose. 3.; Kitty-Kat. Untitled. Prose. 3.; Ohio State Sun Dial. Untitled. Prose. 4.; Wabash Caveman. Untitled. Prose. 4.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 4.; McDonald, George. Untitled. Picture. 8.; Anonymous. :Flamingo Gripes and Groans". Prose. 9.; Smrcina, Orville. Untitled. Picture. 10.; Anonymous. "A Little Vow For Leap Year". Prose. 10.; Kline, I.D. "Gwendolyn Strikes Out, or, Set 'Em Up In The Other Alley". Prose. 10.; Smrcina, Orville. Untitled. Picture. 11.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 11.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 12.; Anonymous. "Literal Young lady". Prose. 12.; Anonymous. "Four-Legged Cops". Prose. 12.; Anonymous. "Our Leap year Poem". Prose. 13.; Anonymous. "The Co-Ed Thorn". Prose. 13.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 13.; McDonald, George. Untitled. Picture. 13.; Anonymous. "A Bird in the Hand is Worth About Ten on the Newsstand". Prose. 15.; Anonymous. "I Kidnapped And Murdered Her So I Could Go To College. Prose. 18.; Smith, Reed. "A Photo For The Visual Minded". Picture. 16.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 16.; Anonymous. "More Photos For The Visual-Minded". Prose. 16.; Anonymous. "Co-Eds Obtain long-Sought Privilege: A Clever Plot Unfolded". Prose. 16.; Anonymous. "Candy". Prose. 16.; Anonymous. "Introducing-Miss 1928". Prose. 17.; Jester. Untitled Prose. 18.; Lord Jeff. Untitled Prose. 18.; Whirlwind. Untitled Prose. 18.; Sniper. Untitled Prose. 18.; Purple Parrot. Untitled Prose. 18.; Minnesota Ski-U-Mah. Untitled. Prose. 18.; Siren. Untitled. Prose. 18.; Mink. Untitled. Prose. 18.; Gargoyle. Untitled. Prose. 18.; Center Colonel. Untitled. Prose. 18.; Sun Dial. Untitled. Prose. 18.; Anonymous. "It's A-Rainin' Tonight". Prose. 19.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 19.; Anonymous. "The Passionate Plumber, or, Is It Cold Enough Out to Wear a Cane?". Prose. 19.; McDonald, George. Untitled. Picture. 19.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 20.; Bibby, Eugenia. "The Separation of Hans and Feet Part III". Prose. 20.; Smrcina, Orville. Untitled. Picture. 20.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 21.; Anonymous. "Le Quarantine Ballade". Poem. 20.; Anonymous. "L'envoi". Poem. 20.; Anonymous. "Book Nook". Prose. 22.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 23.; Anonymous. "Age Wisdom". Prose. 23.; Brown Jug. "Wrecked Romance". Prose. 24.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 24.; Satyr. Untitled Prose. 24.; Lord Jeff. Untitled Prose. 25.; Mink. "Have You Heard This One?" Prose. 27.; California Pelican. "Subject to Change". Prose. 28.; Yale Record. "Logical". Prose. 28.; Minnesota. Untitled. Prose. 28.; Western Reserve Red Cat. "Wotta Sight!". Prose. 29.; Texas Ranger. Untitled. Prose. 29.; Sniper. Untitled. Prose. 29.; Anonymous. "Mon Dieu". Poem. 31.; Anonymous. Untitled. Poem. 31.; College Humor. Untitled. Prose. 31.; Kitty-Kat. Untitled. Prose. 32.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 32.; The Old Maid. Untitled. Poem. 32.
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dc.contributor.authorMcDonald, Georgeen
dc.contributor.authorOhio State Sun Dialen
dc.contributor.authorArizona Kittykaten
dc.contributor.authorDartmouth jack O'Lanternen
dc.contributor.authorSour Owlen
dc.contributor.authorBrown Jugen
dc.contributor.authorIllinois Sirenen
dc.contributor.authorWabash Cavemanen
dc.contributor.authorSmrcina, Orvilleen
dc.contributor.authorKline, I.D.en
dc.contributor.authorSmith, Reeden
dc.contributor.authorLord Jeffen
dc.contributor.authorPurple Parroten
dc.contributor.authorMinnesota Ski-U-Mahen
dc.contributor.authorCenter Colonelen
dc.contributor.authorSun Dialen
dc.contributor.authorEugenia, Bibbyen
dc.contributor.authorCalifornia Pelicanen
dc.contributor.authorWestern Reserve Red Caten
dc.contributor.authorTexas Rangeren
dc.descriptionMcDonald, George. Cover. Picture. 0en_US
dc.descriptionOhio State Sun Dial. Untitled. Prose. 1.en_US
dc.descriptionArizona Kittykat. Untitled. Prose. 1.en_US
dc.descriptionSour Owl. Untitled. Prose. 3.en_US
dc.descriptionDartmouth Jack O'Lantern. Untitled. Prose. 2.en_US
dc.descriptionBrown Jug. Untitled. Prose. 3.en_US
dc.descriptionIllinois Siren. Untitled. Prose. 3.en_US
dc.descriptionKitty-Kat. Untitled. Prose. 3.en_US
dc.descriptionOhio State Sun Dial. Untitled. Prose. 4.en_US
dc.descriptionWabash Caveman. Untitled. Prose. 4.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 4.en_US
dc.descriptionMcDonald, George. Untitled. Picture. 8.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. :Flamingo Gripes and Groans". Prose. 9.en_US
dc.descriptionSmrcina, Orville. Untitled. Picture. 10.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "A Little Vow For Leap Year". Prose. 10.en_US
dc.descriptionKline, I.D. "Gwendolyn Strikes Out, or, Set 'Em Up In The Other Alley". Prose. 10.en_US
dc.descriptionSmrcina, Orville. Untitled. Picture. 11.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 11.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 12.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Literal Young lady". Prose. 12.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Four-Legged Cops". Prose. 12.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Our Leap year Poem". Prose. 13.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "The Co-Ed Thorn". Prose. 13.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 13.en_US
dc.descriptionMcDonald, George. Untitled. Picture. 13.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "A Bird in the Hand is Worth About Ten on the Newsstand". Prose. 15.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "I Kidnapped And Murdered Her So I Could Go To College. Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionSmith, Reed. "A Photo For The Visual Minded". Picture. 16.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 16.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "More Photos For The Visual-Minded". Prose. 16.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Co-Eds Obtain long-Sought Privilege: A Clever Plot Unfolded". Prose. 16.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Candy". Prose. 16.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Introducing-Miss 1928". Prose. 17.en_US
dc.descriptionJester. Untitled Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionLord Jeff. Untitled Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionWhirlwind. Untitled Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionSniper. Untitled Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionPurple Parrot. Untitled Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionMinnesota Ski-U-Mah. Untitled. Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionSiren. Untitled. Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionMink. Untitled. Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionGargoyle. Untitled. Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionCenter Colonel. Untitled. Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionSun Dial. Untitled. Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "It's A-Rainin' Tonight". Prose. 19.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 19.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "The Passionate Plumber, or, Is It Cold Enough Out to Wear a Cane?". Prose. 19.en_US
dc.descriptionMcDonald, George. Untitled. Picture. 19.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 20.en_US
dc.descriptionBibby, Eugenia. "The Separation of Hans and Feet Part III". Prose. 20.en_US
dc.descriptionSmrcina, Orville. Untitled. Picture. 20.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 21.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Le Quarantine Ballade". Poem. 20.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "L'envoi". Poem. 20.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Book Nook". Prose. 22.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 23.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Age Wisdom". Prose. 23.en_US
dc.descriptionBrown Jug. "Wrecked Romance". Prose. 24.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 24.en_US
dc.descriptionSatyr. Untitled Prose. 24.en_US
dc.descriptionLord Jeff. Untitled Prose. 25.en_US
dc.descriptionMink. "Have You Heard This One?" Prose. 27.en_US
dc.descriptionCalifornia Pelican. "Subject to Change". Prose. 28.en_US
dc.descriptionYale Record. "Logical". Prose. 28.en_US
dc.descriptionMinnesota. Untitled. Prose. 28.en_US
dc.descriptionWestern Reserve Red Cat. "Wotta Sight!". Prose. 29.en_US
dc.descriptionTexas Ranger. Untitled. Prose. 29.en_US
dc.descriptionSniper. Untitled. Prose. 29.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Mon Dieu". Poem. 31.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Poem. 31.en_US
dc.descriptionCollege Humor. Untitled. Prose. 31.en_US
dc.descriptionKitty-Kat. Untitled. Prose. 32.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 32.en_US
dc.descriptionThe Old Maid. Untitled. Poem. 32.en_US
dc.publisherThe Courier Companyen_US
dc.titleVol IX N 6en_US
dc.contributor.institutionDenison Universityen_US
dc.equipment.digitizingEPSON 10,000Xlen_US
dc.publisher.digitalDenison Universityen_US
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