Vol II N 6
Keeler, Clyde; Wasp; Sun Dial; Phoenix; Anonymous; Leet, L. Don; R.; G.C.; W.A.V.; F.; R.N.E.; Bogardus, Ethel; Vogel, W.A.; C.I.; Potter, W.M.; George; Bridge, Edgar; Lord Jeff; Williams, Grace; Orange Peel; Goblin; Scalper; Mercury; Judge; Octopus; Sun Dodger; Panther; Green Gander; Purple Parrot; Bean Pot; Purple Cow; Siren; Yale Record; Voo-Doo; Jay; Sun Dial; Reel, Virginia; Bear Skin; Cracker
Hyde Brothers
http://hdl.handle.net/2374.DEN/1915; http://hdl.handle.net/2374
Keeler, Clyde. Cover. Picture. 0.; Wasp. Untitled. Prose. 1.; Sun Dial. "Wisdom". Prose. 1.; Phoenix. Untitled. Prose. 1.; Anonymous. "Ham and Yeggs". Picture. 6.; Leet, L. Don. "The Watch". Prose. 7.; R. "The Musician". Poem. 8.; G.C. "Evolution". Poem. 8.; W.A.V. "Roaming". Poem. 8.; F. "The Miracle". Poem. 8.; R.N.E. "Evening, The Sixteenth". Poem. 8.; Bogardus, Ethel. "Graft". Prose. 9.; J.M.P. "Theseus Up-To-Date or The Modern Minotaur". Prose. 10.; Mather, W.G. "The Denison Masquers Club". Prose. 11.; Vogel, W.A. "'Twas Always Thus". Poem. 12.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 12.; C.I. "Stuck, By Gum". Picture. 12.; Anonymous. "Deliver Me From". Prose. 12.; Anonymous. "At The Tryouts". Prose. 12.; Anonymous. "A Popular Air". Picture. 12.; Anonymous. "Stage Staggers". Prose. 13.; Anonymous. "Now We Know Where The Flapper Got Her Name". Picture. 13.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 13.; Anonymous. Untitled. Picture. 13.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 14.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 18.; Anonymous. Untitled. Picture. 18.; Potter, W.M. "Wana". Prose. 18.; Anonymous. "Benny Says". Prose. 18.; George. Untitled. Picture. 18.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 18.; Bridge, Edgar. "Our Own Stage Terms". Cartoon. 18.; Anonymous. "Comme Ci- A Dialogue". Prose. 20.; Anonymous. "Let Him Rave". Prose. 20.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 20.; Anonymous. Untitled. Picture. 20.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 22.; Lord Jeff. Untitled. Prose. 22.; Williams, Grace. Untitled. Picture. 22.; Orange Peel. "Rah! Rah! Rah!". Prose. 22.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 23.; Goblin. Untitled. Prose. 23.; Scalper Untitled. Prose. 23.; Mercury. Untitled. Prose. 23.; Judge. Untitled. Prose. 24.; Octopus. Untitled. Prose. 24.; Gargoyle. "It's A Gift". Prose. 24.; Sun Dodger. Untitled. Prose. 24.; Octopus. Untitled. Prose. 25.; Panther. Untitled. Prose. 25.; Lord Jeff. Untitled. Prose. 25.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 25.; Green Gander. Untitled. Prose. 25.; Froth. Untitled. Prose. 25.; Purple Parrot. Untitled. Prose. 25.; Bean Pot. Untitled. Prose. 25.; Purple Cow. Untitled. Prose. 26.; Wasp. Untitled. Prose. 26.; Siren. "Doity Work". Prose. 26.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 26.; Yale Record. Untitled. Prose. 26.; Voo-Doo. Untitled. Prose. 26.; Jay. Untitled. Prose. 26.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 26.; Anonymous. "Ad In!". Prose. 26.; Orange Peel. Untitled. Prose. 29.; Sun Dial. "Fancy". Prose. 29.; Reel, Virginia. "Same Method". Prose. 29.; Bear Skin. "A Tight Show". Prose. 29.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 29.; Goblin. Untitled. Prose. 29.; Cracker. Untitled. Prose. 29.; Octopus. Untitled. Prose. 29.; Anonymous. Untitled. Prose. 32.; Dirge. "For The Worse". Prose. 32.; Octopus. "Daily Reminder". Prose. 32.; Voo-Doo. Untitled. Prose. 32.; Lord Jeff. Untitled. Prose. 32.
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dc.contributor.authorKeeler, Clydeen
dc.contributor.authorSun Dialen
dc.contributor.authorLeet, L. Donen
dc.contributor.authorBogardus, Ethelen
dc.contributor.authorVogel, W.A.en
dc.contributor.authorPotter, W.M.en
dc.contributor.authorBridge, Edgaren
dc.contributor.authorLord Jeffen
dc.contributor.authorWilliams, Graceen
dc.contributor.authorOrange Peelen
dc.contributor.authorSun Dodgeren
dc.contributor.authorGreen Ganderen
dc.contributor.authorPurple Parroten
dc.contributor.authorBean Poten
dc.contributor.authorPurple Cowen
dc.contributor.authorYale Recorden
dc.contributor.authorSun Dialen
dc.contributor.authorReel, Virginiaen
dc.contributor.authorBear Skinen
dc.descriptionKeeler, Clyde. Cover. Picture. 0.en_US
dc.descriptionWasp. Untitled. Prose. 1.en_US
dc.descriptionSun Dial. "Wisdom". Prose. 1.en_US
dc.descriptionPhoenix. Untitled. Prose. 1.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Ham and Yeggs". Picture. 6.en_US
dc.descriptionLeet, L. Don. "The Watch". Prose. 7.en_US
dc.descriptionR. "The Musician". Poem. 8.en_US
dc.descriptionG.C. "Evolution". Poem. 8.en_US
dc.descriptionW.A.V. "Roaming". Poem. 8.en_US
dc.descriptionF. "The Miracle". Poem. 8.en_US
dc.descriptionR.N.E. "Evening, The Sixteenth". Poem. 8.en_US
dc.descriptionBogardus, Ethel. "Graft". Prose. 9.en_US
dc.descriptionJ.M.P. "Theseus Up-To-Date or The Modern Minotaur". Prose. 10.en_US
dc.descriptionMather, W.G. "The Denison Masquers Club". Prose. 11.en_US
dc.descriptionVogel, W.A. "'Twas Always Thus". Poem. 12.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 12.en_US
dc.descriptionC.I. "Stuck, By Gum". Picture. 12.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Deliver Me From". Prose. 12.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "At The Tryouts". Prose. 12.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "A Popular Air". Picture. 12.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Stage Staggers". Prose. 13.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Now We Know Where The Flapper Got Her Name". Picture. 13.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 13.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Picture. 13.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 14.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Picture. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionPotter, W.M. "Wana". Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Benny Says". Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionGeorge. Untitled. Picture. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionBridge, Edgar. "Our Own Stage Terms". Cartoon. 18.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Comme Ci- A Dialogue". Prose. 20.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Let Him Rave". Prose. 20.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 20.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Picture. 20.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 22.en_US
dc.descriptionLord Jeff. Untitled. Prose. 22.en_US
dc.descriptionWilliams, Grace. Untitled. Picture. 22.en_US
dc.descriptionOrange Peel. "Rah! Rah! Rah!". Prose. 22.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 23.en_US
dc.descriptionGoblin. Untitled. Prose. 23.en_US
dc.descriptionScalper Untitled. Prose. 23.en_US
dc.descriptionMercury. Untitled. Prose. 23.en_US
dc.descriptionJudge. Untitled. Prose. 24.en_US
dc.descriptionOctopus. Untitled. Prose. 24.en_US
dc.descriptionGargoyle. "It's A Gift". Prose. 24.en_US
dc.descriptionSun Dodger. Untitled. Prose. 24.en_US
dc.descriptionOctopus. Untitled. Prose. 25.en_US
dc.descriptionPanther. Untitled. Prose. 25.en_US
dc.descriptionLord Jeff. Untitled. Prose. 25.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 25.en_US
dc.descriptionGreen Gander. Untitled. Prose. 25.en_US
dc.descriptionFroth. Untitled. Prose. 25.en_US
dc.descriptionPurple Parrot. Untitled. Prose. 25.en_US
dc.descriptionBean Pot. Untitled. Prose. 25.en_US
dc.descriptionPurple Cow. Untitled. Prose. 26.en_US
dc.descriptionWasp. Untitled. Prose. 26.en_US
dc.descriptionSiren. "Doity Work". Prose. 26.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 26.en_US
dc.descriptionYale Record. Untitled. Prose. 26.en_US
dc.descriptionVoo-Doo. Untitled. Prose. 26.en_US
dc.descriptionJay. Untitled. Prose. 26.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 26.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. "Ad In!". Prose. 26.en_US
dc.descriptionOrange Peel. Untitled. Prose. 29.en_US
dc.descriptionSun Dial. "Fancy". Prose. 29.en_US
dc.descriptionReel, Virginia. "Same Method". Prose. 29.en_US
dc.descriptionBear Skin. "A Tight Show". Prose. 29.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 29.en_US
dc.descriptionGoblin. Untitled. Prose. 29.en_US
dc.descriptionCracker. Untitled. Prose. 29.en_US
dc.descriptionOctopus. Untitled. Prose. 29.en_US
dc.descriptionAnonymous. Untitled. Prose. 32.en_US
dc.descriptionDirge. "For The Worse". Prose. 32.en_US
dc.descriptionOctopus. "Daily Reminder". Prose. 32.en_US
dc.descriptionVoo-Doo. Untitled. Prose. 32.en_US
dc.descriptionLord Jeff. Untitled. Prose. 32.en_US
dc.publisherHyde Brothersen_US
dc.titleVol II N 6en_US
dc.contributor.institutionDenison Universityen_US
dc.equipment.digitizingEPSON 10,000XLen_US
dc.publisher.digitalDenison Universityen_US
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