Built in 1909 and dedicated in 1910, Swasey Observatory and Telescope (Fig. 1.a) were gifts by Ambrose Swasey. The telescope is a Warner and Swasey 9 in. refracting (Fig. 1.b), similar to the much larger telescopes built by the company for the Lick Observatory and US Naval Observatory. The telescope and observatory are still in active use today for teaching and outreach to the community. Photo of the Moon taken with the Swasey telescope (Fig. 1.c. Courtesy of Dan Homan).

Acknowledgments: Prof. Dan Homan (Associate Professor of Astronomy); Dave Burdick (Technician/Machinist); Moriana M. Garcia (Natural Sciences Liaison Librarian); Heather Lyle (Archivist); Kristen Pantle (Digital Curriculum Development); Monica Edgerton (Student '2014).

References: Warner and Swasey. (1920). The Warner & Swasey Company, 1880-1920. New York: Bartlett Orr Press.


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